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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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enjoyable the festival really is. i've definitely witnessed impacts, tremendous positive impacts on the local businesses in my neighborhood. i also think personally as a property owner in the inner richmond, it really put the richmond and sunset neighborhoods on the map. not only within san francisco, but really nationally. and i think that has an obvious impact beyond the immediate fiscal effects on property values and business values. i'm very supportive and happy to endorse an extension to this contract. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, my name is ari feingold, and i'm a curator for [speaker not understood], so i'm responsible for bringing local restaurants in the park and helping them transfer their operation into a fending operation in the park. i've been doing it for three years as a curator but was involved as a vendor before that. so, i've been with the festival since it started. i do consider it a real
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privilege to work with such a diverse group of local restaurants and to really sort of celebrate the incredible culinary culture in our city. a conversation started a few speakers ago about the local factor of the festival. i just want to say typically my strategy for acquiring new vendors is to start in the neighborhood around the park and work my way out. so, alan had mentioned, you know, pacific [speaker not understood], new ganges, [speaker not understood], there's definitely some other ones, but this year we had the pizza place, noriega, which is more in the neighborhood of 25th that we're talking about before. one of the things i do every year is invite people for the following year to try to bring some new folks out there and three of the people that i invited this year are in that exact part of the sunset. so, trouble coffee company, outer lands and java beach. so, you have my commitment that
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i'll be more aggressive about bringing those kind of businesses in. they don't always say yes, but we always start with them and sort of work our way out. i've gotten incredible feedback from both fans of the event. they get to try food they normally wouldn't try, number one, just because of the diversity of the menu offerings, but also because you have these high-end restaurants offering a plate of food for $10, which is not typical of these higher end restaurants. and from the businesses, just incredible feedback on the impact on their businesses, on their community, and most importantly on their employees and something the employees think about for the whole year, the restaurant, have a little bit of fun with it as well. i've been watch thing thing grow. i'm really proud to be a part of it. i appreciate the opportunity. you know, i hope three more years will bring the restaurant to golden gate park. thank you very much for your time. good afternoon, my name is
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nicky bloom. i am a homeowner in the outer sunset district and also san francisco musician. i've gone to almost all of the outside lands festivals and my husband, who is also a musician, played at the very first festival in 2008, and my band played the fourth festival. i believe it was 2011. it's a really wonderful event for any band to play, and it really raises the caliber. so, for us as san francisco musicians it's been a really wonderful boost for our career. we also have the benefit of, as i said, living in the outer sunset, riding our bikes to the event, which is a very rare occurrence as a touring musician. so, it's a very special day for all of us, not to mention our [speaker not understood] family coming out to the event to support us. even years we don't play we try to attend just because it's
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such a well-run, wonderfully community-based event that continues the history of music in san francisco. we have a fabulous long history of music in this city and another planet does such a fabulous job of continuing their efforts to have a home for music in 2012 and beyond. of course, it helps small businesses around the area and provides a place for us to have music, food, drink, celebration and community, which is the joys of life. thank you. >> thank you. my name is james nimorovski. thank you for the time for the input. it's hard to follow-up the remarks, the fantastic comments people have already made. i would say as a long-time resident of the richmond district, the impact of the event seems quite nominal in
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terms of the people passing through the neighborhood to get to and from the event. also attending the event is very convenient. i live very close to the main entrance, but i notice that there is very little impact on the community from those coming to and from. and also much of the transport seems to be along the length of the park. and as a resident, i don't see much impact whatsoever in our residents and those around us. and i have never heard a complaint from any neighborhood nearby. also, as nicky bloom just commented, the opportunity for the local musician to thrive through another planet just seems extraordinary. and at the same time, the opportunity for world class musicians, both those in the hall of fame of music and those that are at the height of their career to be able to play with the local musicians. there is an extraordinary opportunity for us which i think is probably quite unique anywhere in the world. and i know the commitment of
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another planet to up and coming musicians is extraordinary. and i truly appreciate that. thank you again. >> thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on this item number 16? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor mar? do you want to -- do you have any closing comments? >> yeah, i just wanted to thank greg burloff and alan scott and all the other people who testified. i want to thank nick kenzi working with residents from the richmond district and others around the park to take seriously different concerns, but also to dub it into a much better agreement with another planet entertainment. i also wanted to acknowledge the economic analysis, again, of looking at the benefits to the recreation and parks department, compared to often city limits and the other festivals on the list where it's a very good agreement for
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the city, in my opinion. so, it's comparing it to bonaru, la la palooza, and often city limits. we're getting a lot more benefits, community benefits, hiring of people, revitalizing the economy, invigorating the cultural and artist communities as well and the smaller restaurant and food, wine and beer businesses not just in san francisco, but in the region. so, i just feel like this is a tremendous agreement and i'm very pleased at the building in of the hiring fair and the community benefits fund and so many other things that they've -- another planet entertainment and recreation and parks department have negotiated. in addition to helping the polo fields and bleachers, endowing the gardner and so many other benefits to our neighborhoods and community, so, i urge support for this, colleagues. on the amendments and the resolution as amended as well. >> thank you, supervisor mar. just one final question to nick, the public commenter in
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the past talked about having three weeks of the park closed off in this last year. is that something that happened, is it an anomaly? >> that is not or similar comments made at a commission hearing. we researched it. we did not find that to be consistent with our records. our records were that the fencing began going up the wednesday, essentially nine days before the festival, and that it was down the friday after the festival. so, a little bit over two weeks. but again, that is phased. that's starting the polo fields and some of the surrounding areas and expanding out. access was only limited to the meadows. actually being limited to the polo field on the friday before the event and is reopened the wednesday after the event in speedway meadows.
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access was available to speedway meadows through the sunday before the event, the monday for the event that was closed and reopened about tuesday evening or wednesday morning after the event. so, there may be fencing up for that period of just over two weeks. but it doesn't mean it's not access to the festival site. there are holes in the fence. there are access to pathways and there are also a number of areas that are left entirely unfenced until the very last moment possible. >> and those recreation parks, does your staff actually have a hand at making sure that the fencing goes up adequately, that it goes up and is taken down at the right time? >> absolutely. >> and that there are gaps, we have direction signs, finding signs to the entrances? >> we do have directional signs where people can get into the permitting into the premises. that is something with this conversation we're going to look to expand upon for next year and continuing years. but we have operational staff
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on-site throughout the duration of the build event and tear down. staff has worked closely with another planet throughout the course of the years to develop the plans for the festival. they are aware of when and where the fencing should begin and where our essentially eyes are out there making sure the contract is being followed, and you know, we would look to continue that for the life of this contract. and also i think with this conversation. we'll look to see if there are ways we can ensure that the public is better aware of when and where the fencing has gone up. >> one final thing i think should have been asked earlier. sentimentally, this is not a contract that went out for competitive bid. if you can just address that, the reason for that. >> yeah, this is a contract extension. it was put out to bid prior to the 2009 contract.
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the department feels strongly for a number of reasons. it's in the city's best interest to not put this contract out to bid for the moment. first and foremost, this is a large operation that occurs in a very sensitive park setting and neighborhood setting. we have learned a number of lessons over the last four or five years of how to operate an event of this scale. and that's in a park setting without interacting or unduly interfering like for neighborhood residents. we feel strongly that another planet has also with the department [speaker not understood] and were we to put this out to bid and have a new promoter come in and operate the festival, that there would be a significant learning curve that we frankly experience ourselves in mitigating those impacts. secondly, and i think also in
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importance, these festivals take time to build. the city does not own the outside lands or any outside lands is owned by another planet entertainment. the festival has not sold out until the last two years. and that's sort of the industry standard, that it takes 3 to 5 years for these festivals to begin selling out. to begin building awareness, to get the national recognition. and the city feels that if we put this out to bid and another respondent were to operate the festival, that despite whatever projections they may have, it would not be realistic to expect the festival would begin selling out and attracting the number of ticketed patrons that we experience now and we'd see a decrease in revenue to the city. so, for those reasons we have put a permanent extension to
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the board of supervisors for your approval. there is the appropriate language i believe within the resolution waiving the required administrative code provisions me to take this action. but we feel strongly that at this time a contract extension is in the best interest of the city rather than beginning a competitive solicitation process. >> okay, thank you for that. i do want to thank nick kenzi for the memo that laid out all the financial pieces, especially because we did not have the benefit of a budget analyst report to layout those item. i want to thank you for that. i also want to thank supervisor mar for some of the amendments you're proposing. i think those are great amendments to it in terms of the community benefit fund. look forward to engaging with another planet and the organization to the community around the neighborhood to make sure those are spent in a way that best serves the community surrounding the -- another planet event. i think the hiring festival, i
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think that probably more can be done and i would be interested to see what the statistics are about who are actually hired. that is something i think would be interesting for us to track and continue to monitor as we move forward. i would like the transportation plan that is something we continue to hear complaints about, but i would have to say that another planet has done a better job year after year with dealing with some of the traffic concerns. we have heard that from folks. i do want to mention that. and then finally in terms of the merchants associations, i do want to thank ari feingold [speaker not understood] and another planet event for reaching out to make sure that as you are looking at vendors and trying to relay the best san francisco has to offer, that is inclusive of the surrounding neighborhood as well, that is something i'm looking forward to seeing. and two other issues i do want to pull out for the department. the fence issue continues to be a large issue. so, i don't think that's solved by any means and i do hope the department continues to be very diligent and making sure that we do provide adequate signage
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to make sure people know where the entrances are so we minimize that impact to residents especially if it's closed for two weeks during the year. and that is something i know the rec/park department is committed to do, but i do want to put that out there. and then finally on the noise issue, i don't think that we're fully solved on it. i do see progression of improvement on the sound issue. i think that area where people are most concerned has been sunday, the sunday evening noise, especially because there is work or school stuff that may be happening the next day. i think the calendar has moved a bit to address for that. so, i'm thankful for that. i just want to point out those are two areas of comments and criticism that we continue to hear from residents. some of those things will not be completely 100% solved, but i want to thank you for working toward improvements therethv so, we have amendments before us. supervisor mar has submitted an amendment of the whole that would amend lines 5 through 14 on page 6 that really spell out
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those three additional areas for the job fair, for the transportation analysis, and also for the annual improvements to surrounding neighborhoods. just one typo on line 8. it says right now requiring another planet to fund transportation in 2013. that probably should read requiring another planet to fund analysis in 2013. if we can make that equipment amendment to it and accept those amendments from supervisor mar, we'll do that without objection. okay. and then to the underlying item as amended, do we have a motion? >> move forward with recommendation. >> we've got a motion to send the item forward with recommendation as amended and we can do that without objection. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. item 17, please. >> item number 17, hearing to consider the annual review and approval of the board of supervisors/clerk of the board annual budget guidelines. >> thank you very much. we have the clerk for this item. >> yes, good afternoon. madam chair, members of the budget and finance committee.
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this is your final meeting of the year and i just wanted to congratulate you on all of your work which is still yielding a measurable goodness in the city and to our department. honorable mention to you, madam chair, for all of your efforts in the department and you are a model chair to us as i understand you are cleaning out your pending list. so, thank you for that help. with no further delay, i am angela, the clerk of the board. i'm here with deborah, our administrative deputy to quickly hopefully get some guidance from you, which will be our 2013-14, 14-15 budget. once created the draft budget will be presented in january for your consideration and approval before being submitted in late february to the mayor and the controller. consistent with the approved two-year rolling budget plan we provide this had past june, we intend to present a draft budget recognizing the city's financial constraints.
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ms. landis is present to answer questions you may have about the current year's budget should you request. first i want to talk about three major budgetary considerations to take into account when directing budget guidelines for the department. the first is the upcoming expiration of the harvey rose contract. the second is the third legislative aid position added to the department's budget this year. and the third is the youth commission position, and i'll just touch briefly on each of them. the budget analyst contract expires on december 31st, in 2013 which means that the department must pursue either a request for proposals process to select a vendor, or bring the services in-house. either of these options may have an impact on the department's draft budget. regarding the [speaker not understood] position, the salary cost for supervisor increase 1.3 million during the current year due to the [speaker not understood] position. new cost will be incurred the next fiscal year as the
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annualization will occur -- will be providing for salary for 12 months rather than i think the 8 or 9 months that we have in the current year's salary -- budget. and the third factor is the youth commission. staffing. as a pilot program, the department is l telling the coordinator of community outreach and civic engagement youth position. we will continue to do that through june of 2013 at which case we will be able to demonstrate the position's impact. we intend on collecting data. we'll be able to provide information to the committee about the efficacy of this position beginning in the spring 2013. if there aren't any questions about the current budget, i can move to the action items that are before you. i have put it up on the overhead. there are about four questions there. there is a committee support drafting 13-14 and 14-15 in your budget a approved in june
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2012 as a baseline to start from. budget analyst the committee can authorize me to bring it in-house or to rfp the services. contemplate the third a position and annualizing the salary and fringe for those positions and the youth commission, third position. so, perhaps i can jump right into it. >> in terms of the budget analyst services, in terms of that one, can you tell me a little bit about what it would take? * this is a question that has been asked time and time again about whether or not we can actually bring this in-house or not. i think there is a fair amount of members on the board who are interested in exploring that idea. in terms of the logistics of it, would we be able to do that immediately in time for this budget? can you help us walk through that? what would be sort of your recommendation? would it be to go through an rfp process first and then to evaluate another time? can you just tell us
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logistically how it would work to do this? >> yes, madam chair. it's my advice that the committee directs me to competitively bid these services. i am happy to at the end of awarding that contract, be able to take some further time and investigate the actual details around the independence issue, the chain of command and who the budget analyst would report to, how our office would interact, how they would interact with the members of the board, where exactly they would be housed here at the board of supervisors. you could also direct me to investigate other jurisdictional cities. los angeles, san diego, new york to look at how they are provided budget analyst services. so, i think it's from the comfort of actually having a contract that you could then further direct me to provide that information to the committee. >> okay. and if we were to go forward
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with an rfp and eventually that rfp would have to come back for approval, could we have it be flexible such that if there was a decision by this body at a later time to actually do a contract, any type of proposal we would be flexible enough to make sure that contract is not existing at the same time as we bring in folks? >> yes, supervisor chu. there is currently in the contract the ability to cease contracting with the joint venture at the board's convenience. we would, of course, have something in the new contract once approved for that same convenience for the board should they choose to go in that direction. and, of course, we would dovetail service -- we would allow for the dovetailing of services to occur if the board chose to bring the house. >> okay. for this item, i'd like to hear from my colleague as well, in terms of the budget and legislative analyst services it steams to me to make sense to take your advice so we are able
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to secure services [speaker not understood] during the time we are actually analyzing the policy to whether or not to do something in-house. i think if we were to try to do that immediately in this coming budget year, i think that would be too fast, in addition to kind of figuring out what the structure would look like. we would have to do the hiring. i think that's just not something that we could do in time anyhow. that would be my preference. and for you to come back to us at a later time to report back on how it is we might proceed forward, thinking through the prowl is choices of bringing it in. so, whether that might mean direction from the board and the future to go with other jurisdictions ask what they do, what that looks like, we would look to you for some guidance on that. >> happy to do that. >> that would be my preference as well, that we would rfp and have a contract in place in the next fiscal year for at least certain duration of time. i've always had the discussion about an in-house budget and
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legislative analyst in a vacuum. it's really hard to know what we're talking about. what we have to compare with is what we have the current situation with our budget and legislative analyst. but can we expect the get the same level of service whether -- i think there are situations that harvey rose's shop has where they were able to actually bring in staff or keep times during the budget season. do we have the same kind of flexibility with an in-house staff? how would we actually know how to make the best comparison between the two to make an informed decision? i think that having an analysis and a report before us to compare will help us to decide in the future about bringing in-house and we can also ascribe to -- in developing a plan for an in-house operation for budget and legislative analysis services. we can create a menu of options as well that we know we're actually getting ourselves into
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by going down that pathway. so, i'd like to create a similar pathway to make a decision around in the future in-house versus contracting out that service. so, in the meantime i'm happy to support contracting out and moving with a contract for at least a couple years before making that decision about bigger change. >> great. if i could make a suggestion, just to follow-up on your point, madam chair, that once we award the contract, it isn't until that point that i'm directed to begin the informational hearings which could [speaker not understood] how we can bring it in-house. >> that would make sense. that would limit staff in terms of having your folks focus on completing that and doing that well and moving forward with the next step. >> okay, thank you. >> okay. and then on the second or the first bullet point which is
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designate the board drafting 13-14, 14-15, [speaker not understood], i think i would support having our current budget as our baseline. i would just be cautious of if there are any one-time monies put into place we would kind of strip those things out because they're not intended to be baseline. >> yes. >> okay. on the third a question, do we continue to support drafting the budget to include third a? my preference to have it as a priority for the budget, but that being said i think during the budget process last year a majority of the board members did vote to make sure that third a was in there and we budgeted it, it was also included in the second year budget as well. so, i would actually say that to be consistent with the budget we would want to include the third aid in the budget. >> yes, that was actually thinking about a fourth aid. just kidding. a third aid, i think that's the right way to go.
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i'm actually very happy with our decision last year to do that. so, we can continue that as part of the baseline. that will be great. >> okay. finally, the committee supporting the draft budget salary [speaker not understood] engagement position, can you just explain to me a bit how many folks are there at the moment, kind of what the trajectory has been on hiring, and how you're paying for it? >> thank you. currently there are three positions in the youth position. there are two that are filled probably in a year and a half ago, we removed the salary from the third position. the position is actually still in our department. we have unexpected salary savings that we are willing to scrape together to actually fund this position for the next six months. and we are currently in the recruitment process. we have the director of youth commission who has just finished reviewing the applicants and is now sending several of his highest
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candidates to me for a final hiring. >> okay. and in terms of a salary savings, i guess what are you foregoing to do that? >> in the department this year we have had and last year several high profile retirements which we have -- with huge endeavor tried to work with the department of human resources to fill these positions. but because there is a new system in place and things are taking a significant more period of time as everybody gets trained on the new system, it's taking us longer than we expected to hire into these positions. so, some of these positions have been just delayed hiring and it's from -- it's that extra salary that we're taking off the top of several positions. one is in it. this youth commission position is being funded by a position in our accountant or payroll personnel. we have a clerk position that
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was vacant for a while. there are various positions we're hiring later than expected. >> got it. it's being funded by one-time salary savings for positions -- >> yes. >> -- that we would be paying for on an ongoing basis? >> that is correct. >> okay. i may differ on this one, but i actually would not include that as a priority for me. if we are talking about one-time savings supporting from another as an ongoing expense, that just doesn't fit. but also i think in terms of a third position at the youth commission, there are existing two positions or two full level staff in order to support the youth commission. i know that there is a large need in term of being able to get policy or to have people and have the engagement of students and that tasectiontion a lot of efforts. but i also recognize that within our own clerk's office we have a huge amount of needs to do more things like being able to digitize our records, something that we have been woefully behind in.